About the Author

I’m a defense contractor living in Washington, DC seeking greater understanding of U.S. national security interests in the Middle East, and an outlet to share my often crass and partisan comments on current events. I obtained my M.A. in Comparative and Regional Studies from American University concentrating in the Middle East and Global Security. I coupled my formal education with intermediate Arabic language training in the region. Prior to my studies, I worked for 3 years as a defense contractor doing academic event planning and providing “diplomatic hospitality” to international participants who attended our strategic dialogues. I studied in Jerusalem and Cairo over the Summer of 2013 before my 8 month trip came to an abrupt end during the June 30 anti-Morsi demonstrations. Since leaving Cairo, my academic interests have largely pertained to asymmetrical security concerns, the amorphous political situation in Egypt, and post-revolutionary developments in countries affected by the 2011 Arab Uprisings. I hope to resume my travels around the region within the next few years, and look forward to the opportunity to immerse myself in a culture which I know both so much and so little about.


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